Should we write about what others want to read?

Sometimes as a writer I decided to be honest about the kind of my writings. This is one of those times.

A personal blog is a place for sharing information the blogger considers important. It is on a certain topic. In my case, this blog started with sayings and poetry, but now I like to write longer articles. In all cases, I was considering my wisdom important to share.

Now it is like I am drowning in a world full of unimportant information. Click bites, funny videos, fake news, lots of politics, and no place for real values.

Yes! No real values.

Two days ago I wrote a poem in my mother tongue. I am still under its influence. In some of the next posts, I will translate it into English, but now I am going to tell you what was my point.

We live in the age of information – there is no discussion here. But, should this mean that we must consume all kinds of news? Should we forget to talk about life, love, joy, happiness, sadness, etc?

I am a published author of 3 books 1 poetry and 2 novels. The topics I usually write about are exactly the ones I mentioned last.

But, I kind of struggle to find the right audience. It seems to me that people like to read about bad things. It is true that this information has an advantage when speaking about media space. Why is so, some may know, some not. We won’t discuss it here.

What is happening, folks?

Have we forgotten what is important? Or we are victims of the mass media?

Still, I am not going to start writing any kind of books that are easy to sell.

Comment below to share your opinion. 🙂

‘What makes you happy’ is a wrong question!

During the holiday season, we all wished nice things to our friends and family. Happiness is often in these cases one of those nice things.

Some of our friends and family might think that they need big things to be happy. These things might be money, a house, a car, etc. For others, happiness isn’t those ‘big’ things.

In both cases, we have answers to the question ‘what makes them happy?’.
If you google the word ‘happiness’ you will find many definitions. One of them contains enjoying, pleasure, and joy as adjectives in the explanation. The definitions focus on the condition itself. It isn’t mentioned that something causes a state of happiness.

You can be both happy or unhappy when you are poor or rich. The difference is that you will have more possibilities for material comfort if you are rich.

Important thing is that you have satisfied your basic needs. So let’s assume that you have regular meals and you are not thirsty. Also, you have a roof over your head and decent shelter, and you sleep well enough to run your days.

To talk about happiness is a complicated thing, and it might be impossible to explain it. But we can explain what happiness isn’t.

  • Happiness isn’t obtaining something you did not have before. It is rather a feeling of euphoria or contentment.
  • Happiness isn’t having what to eat, wear, or to have where to sleep. Those are rather some of the basic needs, and everyone deserves them.
  • Happiness isn’t being healthy, it is rather our normal state everyone deserves.

I like to think of happiness as a state of mind. Think of it as a condition that I have always when I am not sad, worried, angry, or everything else.

I say this because it is always easier to define those emotions than happiness.
Happiness is something like love. It has many synonyms, but it is a sum of those synonyms of emotions. When you ask someone what makes them happy, you likely think of the satisfaction in life, right? It means you think of a feeling that lasts long and is not interrupted. So, it is a state, a condition.

When your partner asks you if you love him, he thinks, all the time, not at the moment.

And that’s it! Happiness is like love. They are a state, a condition of our being. If our serotonin levels are fine, we are happy. If they aren’t, we are facing some issues.

Anyway, feel free to feel pleasure, satisfaction, sadness, enjoyment, and many more. Don’t ask yourself wrong questions like ‘what makes you happy’. If you are not sad or depressed, you are already happy! 🙂

Why fo we make so much fuss about the New Year?

Some of you have for sure at least once questioned why do we make so much fuss about New Year’s Eve, the Christmas holidays, and the end of the year. I have no information about when did the world started celebrating, but I know for sure why do we need to celebrate.

Ok, for the Christmas holiday it is clear – Christians celebrate the birth of the son of God. But, what about the new year and New Year’s Eve? Even though due to the pandemic, most people will skip the ‘normal’ celebration this year, we are still excited about the coming of another year.

The 12-month cycle is ending. It is like a portal. In the human mind, the possibility of a new beginning has great significance. It means new chances to start over, to be happier, or more courageous for the thing you want to do.

A beginning of a year is like when a baby is born. It has a chance to live and experience this world. The same is for a new year, especially for New Year’s Eve. We think of our wishes, and we give them fuel – our positive thoughts and emotions – to manifest in the world we live in.
And that is wonderful.

Wonder what would the world look like without wishes. Wishes are the things that never happened to us but want them to happen, and it gives us a sense of our lives.

So, stay safe and make a wish!

Happy New Year!

Why do we need wisdom in a world full of knowledge?

In the world we live in we need mostly skills and knowledge to succeed. And that is all right!

Actually, the world is full of knowledge and information, and if we want to part of the labor market we need the above mentioned.

But, I often think about implementing wisdom in real life.

What is wisdom? Is it just a bunch of quotes some people said or deeper understanding of life? I believe the second.

Wisdom is not the quote, it is what we understood while sighing about the sentence. Wisdom needs to be based on experience of the soul and body, unlike knowledge which is based on the skill of the mind to remember things.

We need both to survive: knowledge we need for outer experiences, wisdom we need for inner experiences.

What are inner and outer experiences?

Outer experiences are the once of the body, and us being present and enjoying the world as bodies. For example ‘to know to cure a desease the body has’. Wisdom, unlike knowledge, cures the soul. We have expiriensed something, we are emotionally hurt, and during suffering we come to a conclusion that changes us. We might even forget what we thought of, but we are ok now. That is wisdom.

It is very hard to implement wisdom in the everyday life. It requires previous knowledge and experience.

Yet, it doesn’t make wisdom more important than knowledge. It’s just rare, its implementing is not easy and you need to dive deeper than the thought to reach it. You need to dive into your soul.

Time serves us, we are not its prisoners!

‘The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole’ is the definition I got when I typed “time meaning” on Google.
Let’s review the sentence:- we have ‘indefinite’ – it means – time has no end – we don’t know when it started, or until when will it last;
– then we have ‘continued progress of existence’ – it means it does not stop, it happens all the time;
– the word ‘events’ – remind us that all that happens can be named as an event;
– ‘past, present and future’ – are telling us when actually the ‘time’ happens, or better, how to define the point of the ‘time happening’, and
– ‘regarded as a whole’ – means that the previous three points are being together to identify the basic meaning of ‘time’.

With my words, the time has no end, it happens all the time, and it points out to our existence and all the events that happen in the past, present and future – together.

Running through life we often forget about this definition and what is underneath it, and we think of time as a ”point of time’ like ‘hour’, ‘minute’, ‘day’ etc. so it makes us be in a constant rush in order to achieve the target for the day, the week or any other time frame.

If we only stop for a minute and think about the explained definition, we’ll understand that the fact that ‘time’ is indefinite makes these ‘points of time’ only ‘landmarks’ to organize our life.

In conclusion: let’s use the calendar as for it is – to organize our everyday life, let’s relax and let time play it’s music, while we use the present moment to enjoy the benefits of our existing. We shouldn’t be prisoners of the time since with that we are becoming prisoners of our lives. Live life Now!

How to become self-confident by knowing your worthiness

There were times when we all thought that being modest is good and staying in the shadow is what makes us look like that. These times have ended and not is a time when knowing your self-worthiness is crucial to achieving success.

Today, on the other hand, while some people are still trying to balance between having self-confidence and being modest, others are so self-confident that their values are not enough justified and they have overestimated their self-worthiness.

Knowing your worth means a few things. These things include also the fact that you might be the best in a particular situation, but not the best in general. Once you understand this, your self -confidence should be lowered on a relatively normal level in case you have overestimated yourself, and bring you to a point where you’ll understand that having self – confidence also allows you to balance between being modest and being worthy. Here is how to do it:

Know your strengths

No matter what the others speak about you, have your own judgment about yourself. Everybody has qualities, strengths, and worth. Focus on those parts of you and learn how to emphasize them. Understand that there is no point in being shy about your talents, good look, good character, success, etc. Once you know your strengths you might think you are the best. But you are only unique, and that is great because being the best brings a lot of responsibilities.

Know your weaknesses

Once you learned your strengths, you should take a look at the weakneses. This is not about bringing you down to Earth but for you to start working on them and become a better person. In this way, by striving towards something better, not only that you become a better person, but you also understand what I previously wrote, that you are not the best, but unique, and also in this way you’ll understand that constant work on your strenghts is required too.

Know what you want

Being self confident withouth having a direction is an illusion. You should first know what you want, to know where are you heading. If you want to become a succesfull enterpreneur, go ahead, but make sure that it is not only a dream without resources. This means that even if you know what you want, you might need talent, or money, or time etc. But, stil, knowing what you want is a good start of any race you’ll have in your life.

Learn who you are

Your strenghts and weaknesses, and where you are heading are part of you. They are crucial for you to know who you are. There are two ways to explore yourself further: by introspection and observation. Introspection you can do when you are alone, by qyestining yourself things you want to know about know. Observation you can do when you act in another’s people company. This is more difficult, but also more important since you need your self-confidence in front of the others. Observe what you do, and bring conclusions what you should change. And rememeber, all conclusions from introspection and observing you should keep for yourself. No one needs to know your full profile.

Balance when selling yourself

In the end, you’ll need to apply everything from the previous stages and bring yourself to a certain level where your self-confidence is just right. Self-confidence means selling yourself (without any money of course :)). For example: If you are a talented writer, point that out in a way it is not intrusive. If you are a successful enterpreneur, be that but “don’t write it on your forehead”. In the end, you must remember, marketing is important, but quality is what bring people back to a product.

Be the best version of you, and strive for uniqueness. That is the always the right way!

Too many opinions, too little time

Words, words, words… Talking, reading, writing…  Even the Bible says “in the beginning was the word…”. Everybody seems to love expressing their opinion no matter in which way they do that. Today we have social networks that open their door to anyone that wants just to say something (and there is no doubt that someone else will read what is written). Social networks are ideal for people that don’t enjoy talking too much due to many reasons: they are introverts, they are shy in front of people, they don’t deal easily with their emotions while talking out loud, they do not want to get into a discussion, etc. These people express their opinion in written form, on social networks, writing books, papers, blogs, etc. Or at least it happens often.

If we take a look at the 90s, b.i. (before the Internet :)), it seems like those times were simpler. We talked less, and maybe in a way, we appreciated what is said more. Back in the days, it was not so easy to become a voice that is heard by the public. Now all you need is a blog, a Facebook profile, and you can be seen as a poet. Or now everyone that has a website can create public opinion.

People take social networks too seriously

Social networks have their pros, but they also have their cons. Your wish to express your opinion is one thing, but getting into comments-fights about a certain subject leads nowhere. You’ll only lose your time arguing with someone that probably has no smarter thing to do but spend it on a useless discussion. Worst is that people do get emotional about these fights just like they are real ones, and this is noticed in the tone of the writing.

Writing is not that easy

Yes, writing itself is really easy: you sit down in front of your laptop and start typing what comes to your mind. But to write on a certain topic, you need to think first. You need to see your idea from different angles: can you really write about it, do you have enough data, did you research, do you know grammar well, do you have a concept for how to develop your story, or paper, or book, etc.

We are masters to our unspoken words

Someone sometimes said that we are masters to our unspoken words, but slaves to the ones we are saying out loud. We all want to be heard, we want our ideas, and thinking to be heard. But to say more it does not always mean to speak more, but to say the right words.

While writing about this, a thought came to my mind: Too many opinions, too little time. Why so? Time is either our best friend or worst enemy. Stop discussing in comments on socials, if you want to write, fist practice what you want to do, don’t just publish everything, be aware of your spoken words – for what others think of you, but also be aware of your unspoken ones – for what you think about yourself.

5 tips for a well-balanced life

Life includes many things: partner, children, work, housekeeping, outdoor activities, exercising, reading books, TV, etc. All these should be in harmony and nothing is to be placed aside just because it is less important than something else. Are you guessing what am I referring to? Yes, balancing is the key!

We can take hours for talking about how important it is, but the aim of this article is not that, but rather find the right way of how to find the balance. I will point out a few tips which are easy to implement in your life. Take a few minutes to read the article and try with the one that is easiest to implement.

Working hours have a time frame

You may often already hear the phrase: you are not married to your work. When you sign a paper to marry someone, you agree to certain “rules” for marriage which are in a way your obligation until you are married. When you sign an employment contract your obligations are limited to a certain time, and most often a place too. Don’t forget this. While you strive to balance in your life, time could be either your best or worst enemy. On the other hand, if you want to give some extra time to your company, make sure it pays off ( if you chase a promotion, for ex.).

Teach, to become a manager

Spending time with your children is really important. But, taking care of them is not easy. As a parent, you have two options: to teach them or to pamper them. Be their teacher, make them independent. It does not make you less of a mother or father, it means more time for having some fun with them. So if you were cleaning their room until now, better teach them how to do that by themselves. Now you know why!

Book your hours off in the calendar

You don’t manage to take an hour off during the day and you desperately want to read that book? Book it on the calendar. It gives importance to the activity itself and if you are suggested to do something else, knowing that you have a priority will make you decide properly. Just keep an eye on the calendar.

Time is money indeed

You know how to make money but you lack the time? Throw some on simple things and extend your day. If you lose much time doing the household, get some help, pay some money, and go do your job that brings more money. Or, another example, buy a dishwasher.

The time is now

If you want to save time, then start living now. There is no such plan for the future that will bring the present moment back to you. If you need some time to rest, rest today and don’t wait for that vacation in July. Rest shortly, but today. If you want to call someone, call today, immediately if possible.

It is all about time. Being a good time-manager makes you balance your life easier!

Quarantine lessons – get the best out of the worst

Life is made of big things like a partner, work, family relations. But, life is what it is because of the little things like everyday walks in the park, lunchtime with your partner or family, coffee-breaks at work or hot cocoa time spent with a good book.

In the past two months, I had the opportunity to experience a different kind of everyday life, so in this article, I would like to talk about the things I realized during the quarantine time.

We are clock – dependent

When time passes by in our normal everyday life we just follow our calendar and don’t quite appreciate every minute we have because we manage our time ourselves. During the quarantine time, when my time was in a way managed by others, I realized that every limitation in the self – management of our time makes us feel uncomfortable in our own shoes. Another thing about the time is that we are clock – dependent which means, we are most often forced to do a certain task at a given time, even when we self-manage it. That is why the freedom to manage our time is priceless.

We have freedom of movement

Staying in the apartment in a certain period of time during the day and moving outside with limitations made me realize that we have a freedom of movement we do not appreciate much. In our lives usually, there are no restrictions on how we should stand in a supermarket, or if we can visit the children’s playground or even go into the mountain. Having such restrictions made me think about us not appreciating our freedom of movement.

We do have enough fun

Concerts, sports events, theatre, cinema, mall-shopping, etc., all those things make our lives more interesting. But, sometimes, even though we can do them, we are bored. The quarantine time was/is perfect proof that we do have many options for fun in our normal everyday lives. Again, we just did not appreciate what we have.

Being at home can be fun

Being at home for some means boredom, but just like in those good old times before the internet came up, you can do something other than spending time on the internet or social networks. You can learn some new skills like knitting, cooking, reading, drawing, or anything that could be your hobby.

We tend to forget about our inner self

The dynamics of everyday life make us forget to question what we want, who we are, are we satisfied with ourselves and our lives, etc. By slowing down we start realizing some things we did not have time to consider previously.

Appreciating what you have today saves you from regrets of what you might lose tomorrow!

Get the best out of the worst.

Stay safe…

Finding your dream job is not a dream

Sometimes, someone said that if you work the job you like, you won’t need to work a day in your life. That is all well said. To actually work the job you like, you need to start looking for that “dream job”.

Step No. 1 – Find what you are good at

You might be good at several things. It might be writing, painting, sales, money management, etc. And that is where you start > where you are good at. You cannot be excellent at something at the very beginning. If you are, you are a genius. But “good” is a great start. It is actually where you need to be. If you are excellent at the very begining, it might be followed by a big ego, and no further will to learn. If you are good at something, you have a solid background to continue work on yourself.

Step No. 2 – Find what you really like

As I mentioned before, you might be good at several things. You might like to do several things as well. But, there must be something, a match of what you Can, what you Like, what is Achievable (this means you can work in your surrounding, your area, remote, you are physically and mentally able to do it), and what brings Money (CLAM Analysis). The match is your dream job. You have to look from different perspectives. If one of these four things fails, it is not your dream job.

Step No. 3 – Get your hands dirty

No, it won’t come easy just because it is your dream job. The dream job will not come to beg you (even though this is always a great option). You have to search. After you have decided on the details with the help on the four elements I mentioned above (I called it the CLAM Analysis) you have our best frined in the case, the internet.

Step No. 4 – Sell yourself

You need a good Resume. And you adjust it according to the position you apply for. Search the kind of job you would like to apply to, and see what skills would you need for the same. Analyze yourself if you have them, then add them into your Resume. Check your background: have you done anything related to the job you are applying to? No. Did you do anything similar during your higher education? Yes? Mention it. And of course. Spend some free time for a bunch of free courses on the internet… And put them in your resume.

Step No. 5 Don’t forget to believe

Believing might be a week word. Act like you have already got the job. Don’t forget to actually feel how worthy you are and how suitable you are for the job position. Positive feelings and staying on high vibration are crucial. Feeling before thinking positively.

Got rejected?! Don’t worry, you just got redirected!

Until your dream job comes your way, just learn to like what you do.